Since I have video capabilities now, and it seems a bit easier to do that than audio at the moment, here is a lovely vidcast for you.


8 thoughts on “MPOV1

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    Dag (Darrin)

    Yay! Finally a MikeyPod video cast!!!
    Loved it! Just keep going and don’t worry about being so perfect… oh heavens!! Just do me a fava!! Pick up all those pennies!!

    Peace, Love, Every1.. Mista Handsome!!
    xoxox’s Dag

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    I love the end. “We’re going to end it like we started it.” Oh my god I was laughing so much. You’re a nerd, just like me.

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    Mikey…you’re a nerd! I love the “I’m going to end this the way we started” and you leaning back in! Oh that and how you kept fiddling with your hair. I can now die happy, I know what you look like now 🙂

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    Mikey, I always thought you sounded hot, and your vidcast proves me right! You need to consider doing more vidcast episodes.

    Best wishes!

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