If you are wondering what this is all about, I tend to draw all over random things that get in my path and Mikeypod was gracious enough to let me commit blograffiti here this evening. In part to provide his album art for this month, although fashionably late, but more importantly it means I got to scribble all over his blog for a while. That was fun, although not the part where I thought I broke the internet by doing so. I’d totally do it again though. Thanks sir!

– Alden (aka Secret Simon)

4 thoughts on “Sketch o’ the Day – The Impromptu Quintet

  1. CocteauBoy

    beautifullllll… i love the glowing blues and slicks of yellows.

    so to what album does this go? i don’t know what it means that this is for the “album art for the month.”


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