Please and thank you

Thank you for 2005:
11 years of sobriety
MikeyPod, and my new podcasting related friends
Madge Weinstein
Cabaret with Erin
Adventures with Brandon
Unity Theater
Tiffany and Seph
Reconnected with Mom
Melinda and her patience
Beginning a new business
Kitty and her consistancy
I woke up politically
Kali, and her new talent-purring
Jim, Carolyn and Levi
a glimmer of a return to Buddhism

In 2006 help me to:
Find satisfaction with where I live, and the clarity discover where you want me to be
Harvest a sense of adventure
Stop being so NICE (Nothing Inside Cares Enough)
Grow Spiritually
Be reliable
Create more of the type of art that I feel passionate about
Spend more time creating, composing, performing these things that bring me joy
To only make promises I want to keep.
Grow Socially
Live a Heathier lifestyle
Spend/save money with responsibility
Respect myself
Do more than what is expected of me…joyfully
Cultivate more passion about what I believe in
Be punctual
Develop a belief in abundance

1 comment on “Please and thank you

  1. jesse says:

    “harvest a sense of adventure?”

    why are you asking for things you already have, yo! maybe we’re not thinking the same?

    and on the promises comment…. you mean you didn’t mean that promise to get me joey lawrence’s autograph!?


    (thanks for the mention, it does mean a lot to me)

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