Month: February 2006

MikeyPod 38 | David Parnell – AIDS Committee of Toronto

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Interview with David Parnell from AIDS Committee of Toronto. We discussed harm reduction in addressing drug use among gay men, and the research he is doing with ACT. We also tell the legendary devilbug story.

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Breathe On It- Hidden Cameras

HBO sponsors The Velvet Voice

Other drug harm reduction resources:

Big News About Big Love

I have been having to hold my tongue about this for about a week now, but at last I can tell you that my LGBT podcast at Podcaster News, The Velvet Voice, has been chosen to participate in a new campaign with HBO in support of their new show Big Love!

What this means is that for the next two weeks HBO will be sponsoring The Velvet Voice, and I will be reading ads in the beginning and end of the show. As far as I know, HBO is the biggest company so far to start advertising in podcasts, so I am really excited to be a part of it. YAHOO!!!

I will record a new Velvet Voice this morning, as well as a new MikeyPod which will feature an interview with David Parnell, a reasearch assistant with AIDS Comittee of Toronto.

Stay tuned!

Eat This Hot Show

I was the guest on Eat This Hot Show his week, check it out!

MikeyPod 37

A new MikeyPod project:

Portrait of Mary

Send a canvas to a Mary of any country and have her paste her
photograph. Have her send the canvas to the next Mary of any
country and have her do the same. When the canvas is filled up
with photographs of Marys, it should be sent back to the original
sender. The name does not have to be Mary. It, also, can be a fictional name, in which case the canvas will be sent to different
countries until a person with such a name will be found. The object
to paste on the canvas does not have to be a photograph. It can be a numeral figure, an insect or a finger print.

Yoko Ono
1962 spring

I am starting this piece this weekend, sending it first to Willing Warrior. From there he will decide the next recipient, and so on. All I ask is that each “Mary” e-mail me a photograph, and perhaps an audio comment or voicemail about the experience.


A shout out to my Pseudo-Valentine Wanda Wisdom.

Listener feedback! HOORAY!

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Back Spasm-Seth- third son of Albert

A&E- Violent Blue (my old band)

Look for me on Eat This Hot Show, and also, my new GLBT news show The Velvet Voice at Podcaster News



for madge, gussie, and everyone

it's official

I am going to spend a week in New Orleans next month, volunteering with Common Ground Collective. The web site says that I can plan on doing any of the following:

House Gutting/ Mold Abatement
Distribute food and supplies to community members
Support work at the Free Medical Clinic
Emergency home repair to damaged homes, including roof tarping, debris removal, tree trimming, etc.
Legal support for residents affected by police brutality and violations of renters’ rights
Environmental monitoring/bio-remediation, gardening
Childcare Cooperative support
Other miscellaneous jobs such as staffing the women’s center, repairing
computer, cars and bikes, running errands, washing dishes, general
upkeep and providing security for the Common Ground housing locations

Volunteers are being housed in old gutted out buildings and fed three meals a day. I am planning on bringing my laptop, portable recorder and a video camera so I can video and podcast about my experiences there.

I am excited about pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone, but also pretty scared when the registration form asks me to bring, among other protective gear, an oxygen respirator.

land ho

I think the thought process actually started years ago. A long lost statement by Laurie Anderson in which she spoke of long walks she would take out of NYC, and how those were her moments of absolute freedom and non-attachment. That connected for me to the particular joy I felt on my weekend 180 mile bike rides to Austin. It was somewhat forced, but for just two days, my only task was to pedal.

And to be.

Last year, following a series of conversations I had with her about finding a way to live without many posessions or financial burdens, my friend Alejandra sold most of her belongings and moved to Koinonia for room, board and a tiny stipend.

Months later a dinner conversation with Normalcyispasse sparked the same thoughts, or was it a question by now? We discussed the events leading up to his move to Korea, his time (two years was it?) without a physical address, and the way the universe (aka the internet) just pulled together and got his needs met fairly effortlessly. For him, as I recall, this was a very specific freedom.

So last night I see strange, sweet Jane Siberry perform to a crowd of maybe thirty or fourty people. All of us transfixed by her odd movements, and singing to prerecorded birds and cows. She told fanciful tall tails of “cool kids” she met in the forest, and their blank stares they gave when she tried to sing to them. “They were just perplexed.” She presents her art with no apology and only pure connection with it. That is why my heart beats fast when I see her, or listen to her. Even if I don’t particularly like what she is doing at the moment, it is clear that she is being perfectly sincere with herself.

For her first encore, she announced that this was the last time she would be playing her red guitar. She had auctioned it off on her website, along with all of her belongings. She told the audience that she was separating from herself, and the audience laughed. She wasn’t kidding. The woman who won the guitar was in the audience, and Jane handed it to her personally. I swear to you, her countenance changed dramatically after that. I thought it would be a sad moment, Jane letting go of her friend. But she was clearly delighted with this act, as it she were becomming lighter and lighter by the moment with all of this shedding of…well….matter.

She talked about photographs, how at first she was going to throw them all away except for one photo of each person, but decided to throw them all away. She said that she remembered them all, and if she didn’t, well, maybe it was time to let go of that person anyway. My friend Amy shouted from the audience “What are you going to do?” She looked into the air for a moment and said “follow the signs.” Well, she said it much better than that. The general idea was that she was going to let herself be guided and, as much as possible, take herself (ego, perhaps?) out of the decision making process.

I spoke to her after the show, she remembered me from the MP3 I had sent to her of Erin and I performing one of her songs at our Ovations show. We only talked a bit, but the most important thing that she said was that she was doing all of this letting go in order to become the purest kind of musician, and that she wanted to learn how to be in the present moment as much as possible without having to worry about maintaining her posessions.

What does all of this mean to me?

The list of letting go is getting longer by the day.