Month: February 2006

MikeyPod 35 | International Festival-Institute at Round Top Soundseeing Tour

Saturday, my pal Tiffany and I went to the world famous International Festival-Institute at Round Top. I have heard amazing things about this place, but until I actually made it out there, I had no idea. I really can’t really explain what is so amazing about it. I think this first soundseeing tour captures our awe with the place quite well. We arrived early, so we did some exploration on our own.

If you can, listen to this episode with headphones on.

This show also features music by Jane Siberry and Shirley Horn.

will you marry me a while?

I am seeing Jane Siberry play tonght.

I am just stunned.

As you may know, she is in my top three most inspiring artists list.


MikeyPod 34

livejournal voice posts from the highway

Experience-Sweet Billy Pilgrim

My new Podcast at Podcaster News, The Velvet Voice. First episode out on Monday.

Chris Doelle’s Fresh Media Works

Blizzard of ’78-Ida


A failed attempt to play a promo for The Flatus Show

News from Ramble Redhead and the The Call to Duty Tour.

Flown Free-Over the Rhine