serving justice or torture?

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  1. Interesting…I just wish I could figure out what my stance is on the death penalty. I don’t like the idea of it, but, when I hear about things like the Hispanic boy down in Spring, TX being beat, sodomized(w/ a metal pole) and left for dead, I am kind of glad we have it.

  2. mikeypod says:

    my stance is pretty simple, it’s not okay to kill people.


    I know it’s not that cut and dry for everyone, but really….the death penalty doesn’t stop people from commiting viiolent crimes…. it seems to me that the death penalty just perpetuates the cycle of violence.

  3. Is there any circumstance under which it is okay or even necessary to kill an individual?

  4. mikeypod says:

    I have a feeling you have one in mind. 🙂

    I think if I felt my life or someone elses was in immediate danger, but that’s about it.

    Whaddaya got?

  5. i agree with you mikeypod. i don’t think it is okay to kill anyone unless it is, as you stated, to protect my life or that of someone else.

    my earlier statement about being glad we have it was said out of anger. i must say that, no matter how angry i am about something, i would never actually wish death upon anyone. i’ve said it before, we really are no better than them if we are killing them for killing someone. what kind of message does that convey to people? do we teach our children not to hit someone else by hitting them if they do? but we tend to try to prevent violence with violence. eh, it’s a messed up society that we live in.

  6. mikeypod says:

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in the ideas of vengeance. Something that really opened my eyes was the existence of The Journey of Hope a group of victim’s families who oppose the death penalty. If they can find forgiveness. . .

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