I just listened to the president’s radio address from yesterday voicing his opinion about the Federal Marriage Amendment. These are my thoughts:

  • I am officially boycotting weddings, I don’t care who you are. Please join me.
  • If you are gay and american and have not called your senators or even filled out this simple form at hrc.org then fuck you. I mean it very seriously. I have no use for you. I am not going to be diplomatic about this shit anymore. You are the reason why I am ashamed to be gay. You are the reason why so many gay youth kill themselves. You are the reason why it is still okay for Americans to throw their kids out on the streets because they are gay. You are the reason why people like Matthew Shepherd are dead, and why there have been and will be others like him. Do not fool yourself. You are a bigger part of the problem than the president himself. You are letting all of this happen without having the fucking balls to speak up for yourself.
  • If you are heterosexual and claim to be concerend with human rights, have gay friends/family that you love, do not betray us by ignoring this or any other injustice against non-heterosexuals. If you do, please see above. And just to make sure: fuck you too.

2 thoughts on “Federal Marriage Amendment

  1. BruceCleveland

    Oh my god I am so pissed…I just wrote a long ass comment about this and I forgot to do the math to proof this isn’t spam and now everything I said got wiped away! Ugh! Anyway, check out my blog I posted my e-mail to my two senators who voted for the FMA….the next post is actually from one of the ignorant senators. This comment was much longer but I angered myself the first time writing it that I am not in the right mood to re-write what I said. But I do think we need to stand up against the government and let them know we are here, what they do affect us, and we will not stand for the abuse any longer.

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