MikeyPod 76 | Penultimate Plantation Podcast (Primarily Podsafe)

This is my next to last podcast from Koinonia before I move to Brooklyn. I discovered that some music I really love is podsafe, and I didn’t even know it! David Castle recreates a reading from one of his morning devotions, and I am hyped about the upcoming interview with Millard Fuller. By the way, we rescheduled the interview for Wednesday, so it looks like that podcast will be up Thursday morning. I am still waiting for that nasty kidney stone to leave me. Say a little prayer, wouldja?


Barracuda-Miho Hatori

Throw-Scritti Politti

The Greatest-Cat Power


2 comments on “MikeyPod 76 | Penultimate Plantation Podcast (Primarily Podsafe)

  1. Hey Mikey!

    Nice show and thanks for the throw back to Scritti Politti! I actually never had any of their music but they were a favorite of a college buddy of mine, SO it brought back memories of him. Then I went and bought the album.

    I like the format. I like hearing music, your taste gets pretty close to mine and then goes off in left field sometimes which is even better.

    Have a wonderful holiday and good luck with the move.


  2. mikeypod says:

    woah! I should tell the folks at nonesuch about this. hehehehehe….podcasting equals sales.

    I hope you have a splendid new year! Thanks for all of your support this year, my friend!


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