Month: December 2007

MikeyPod 113 | Kurt Morrow from Koinonia Partners

Kurt was my roommate for most of my time at Koinonia. After our four month internship together he decided to become a full time member of the community while I moved on to New York. It thought it would be fun to get an update from him and also talk about the SOA vigil.
Koinonia Partners
The Open Door
SOA Watch
Kurt’s Flickr Pics
the simple way
Potter Street Records

A Celebration – Mar
Ol’ Glory – psalters
Try on Life – Jes Karper

Happy Merry…


new voicemail number

oooooops. my old voicemail expired! Here’s the new one: 206-202-4178 look for a new podcast today!

MikeyPod 112 | Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke

Vegan bodybuilder and motivational speaker Robert Cheeke takes a break from his busy touring schedule to talk about his diet, training and the philosophy behind his decision 13 years ago to maintain a plant based diet.

Robert’s MySpace
Robert’s You Tube videos

Featured Music:
Jesus-Page France


MikeyPod 111 | Musician Jane Siberry

Long time MikeyPod listeners will know that Issa (formerly Jane Siberry) holds the honor of being one of my three most inspiring artists (Yoko Ono and David Sylvian are the others, if you’re keeping track). After quite some time of arranging, she and I finally had the opportunity to talk about her music, spirituality and the tremendous changes that have occurred in her life over the past few years.

Issa/Jane Siberry’s music can be found at Sheeba Records.
Her MySpace is here.

Music featured:
Calling All Angels (Millennium Version)
The Life Is The Red Wagon (from the album Bound By The Beauty)
Grace Hospital (from the live album New York Trilogy II: Lips)
Wilderness Wheel/Willow