Month: September 2009

MikeyPod 143

With many thanks and great tunes, I present to you the return MikeyPod. I have to take a moment to thank all of you who give me your support – financial and otherwise. I love doing this podcast…even more so when I realize that so many of you love listening to it!

(00:15) Windpower – Thomas Dolby
(05:00) Psychic City – YACHT
(10:02) Store – Astrid Williamson
(13:48) The Bird That You Can’t See – The Apples In Stereo
(19:04) You Found Me – Josh Mease
(22:30) 3,000 Lines of Defense – Geri X
(27:33) Next Summer – Choir Of Young Believers
(31:12) I Sing I Swim – Seabear
(34:45) As Good As New – Luke Nares
(38:30) Still This Love Goes On – Buffy Sainte-Marie

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p.s. I meant to go on more about the greatness of the Justin Wayne show, but I didn’t. Justin rocks! Really. 🙂