Month: February 2016

MikeyPod 204 | The Vegan Roadie

Dustin Harder  is the host and creator of the hit YouTube series The Vegan Roadie. A plant based personal chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Instiutute in NYC. I am a huge fan of both the series and the man. He’s crowdfunding the second season of the show on Kickstarter and you should absolutely support this! I have backed the project myself and believe in it wholeheartedly. Read More

MikeyPod 203 | Author Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer is the co-founder and executive director of Our Hen House, a nonprofit multimedia hub working to change the world for animals. With Our Hen House, Jasmin produces an online magazine and a video production unit. She is a regular public speaker on the subjects of veganism and activism, and travels throughout the country (and beyond) to give workshops and keynotes at venues such as conferences, Vegetarian Food Fests, law schools, and universities.

More importantly she is my dear friend, running partner, and a lovely force of nature in my life, AND her memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough was just released last week. It’s brilliant. She’s brilliant. Everything’s brilliant. Check out our conversation and tell a friend! Read More