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I’ll have a new show up late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

FYI, I will be on Yeast Radio‘s Thanksgiving Episode, discussing the Dec 13th execution of five time Nobel Prize Nominee Stan “Tookie” Williams with the illustrious Ms. Weinsteins. I’ll have more info about that on my show as well.

More later.

Houston Press

A writer for The Houston Press is going to come over on monday morning to interview me and hang out while I record an episode of MikeyPod on the Bayou. He is doing a feature story on Houston Podcasters, just in time for me to rant about prop 2.

At last, the world is catching up!

Send in your phone/audio posts please, it will be fun to have some extra feedback to play!

You can leave a voicemail on skype or gizmo if you want, my name on both of those in Mikeypod or call the voicemail line, 206-339-6682.

an email to my sister

I really can’t bear to stay here knowing that 76% of the people of Texas hate me.

I have been through this before tho, so I would like to say that I am beginning to explore the idea of moving to Brooklyn. Would you be willing to give me some of your financial guidance as I begin this exploration. The only thing that has kept me here has been money, and you are so much better with it than I.

I am so hurt and angry about this realization, I have been so naïve about this state, about how people feel about homos.

Give me your thoughts.


No Podcast today!

I won’t be posting another show until later in the week. I am working on getting my audio better and I refuse to do another show with that damned high frequency noise.

As a minor consolation, I posted a downloadable mixtape on my livejournal that you may enjoy.

Look forward to a brand new MikePod on the Bayou on thursday or so with nice CLEAN sound quality!

Media Manipulation

Last week Bicyclemark did the first of a two part podcast series discussing how the media controls the public. Really interesting stuff. It really helped me to understand something that troubles me about our society especially because I am among the first to buy right into it.

Right around World War I, Edward Bernays set out to manipulate the public using the theories of his uncle Sigmund Freud. He originated the idea that we aren’t just puchasing things but are in fact making ourselves better by owning a given object and projecting a certain image.

I have always thought of this desire as a sort of innate human weakness, you know, as if owning a certain car or pair of jeans, or a purse we become someone better. It’s frightening to think that we have been taught this weakness by corporations and the media.

Even scarier, this is the same sort of manipulation employed by Joseph Goebbles, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. Goebbels was directly infulenced by Bernays. Think about that for a second. Could our fine government be trying to manipulate us in the same way?

Anyway, check out Bicyclemark’s show. He explains it all so very well.