MPOB62 | Composer Eve Beglarian | 206-339-6682

At last! The hugely talented and inspiring Eve Beglarian and I managed to coordinate our schedules and talk about her new album, Tell The Birds, the ins and outs of being a human being, and lots more. I know the file size is pretty big, but since it’s music, I couldn’t bear to encode it at a smaller rate. Hope you can deal!

I should also mention that Eve’s piece Making Hey has never been heard before—-a MikeyPod exclusive!

Music Featured:
Landscaping for Privacy from the album Tell The Birds
Making Hey previously unreleased
Solitude from The Story of B
Written on the Body from Twisted Tutu’s Play Nice

DiverseWorks Houston
Twisted Tutu
Pierre Louÿs
Phil Kline

6 thoughts on “MPOB62 | Composer Eve Beglarian | 206-339-6682”

  1. O Mikey! I love her already.

    All of the tracks are amazing. I loved Making Hey, the story behind that track is really awesome.

    Landscaping for Privacy, I think it’s my favorite. I loved it. That flying piano arpeggio hooked me – and I thought it was kinda fractal generated at first!

    I’m definitely getting the CD!

  2. yay!

    landscaping is my favorite track too! even though that piano part plugs along like that there is something really natural and hman and intimate about that piece as a whole. I know you would dig her work. I didn’t know how randomly the text for Making Hey was generated so after she sent it to me, i was trying to find some sort of theme in the text so i would have something to say to her about it. It’s funny that i did all that work and really it was just randomly generated text!

    you are tripping me out with this linux stuff, dude. seriously, that is like uber-geek stuff you got going on there.

  3. This show smoked, sizzled and then caught fire like nothing I have listened to in a while. It was fantastic! Thanks Mike and Eve for a great one! You’re a keeper Eve.

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