MikeyPod 332 | Musician Christian Douglas

I had a blast chatting with musician Christian Douglas on the podcast this week. His debut album, Inside Voice, was written and recorded under quarantine, and as you might expect is largely inspired by the events of the last 18 months. Beyond that, though, we talked creativity, self-doubt, ritual, and so many of these juicy topics so many of us contend with. I know this podcast will leave you as recharged and invigorated as I was after my conversation with Christian.

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MikeyPod 331 | Author Gabrielle Alexa Noel

Joining me on the podcast (in a conversation I really needed) is author, essayist, and sex-positive content creator Gabrielle Alexa Noel. We chat about her book, How to Live With the Internet and Not Let It Run Your Life and so many nuggets to help out those of us who try to use the Internet to create positive change. I’ve been in a place of thinking more carefully about how I want to show up on social media, and this conversation with Gabrielle was just the thing to get my head around some of this stuff. I know you’ll love it too!

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MikeyPod 330 | Author Nevo Zisin

This week I welcome author Nevo Zisin to chat about their book The Pronoun Lowdown: Demystifying and celebrating gender diversity. This conversation was a absolute delight, and we went deep into the book itself, reflected on the work of our queer ancestors, and discussed playing the long game as activists. So many laughs and insight to be had on this episode as well as some great new music from The Wheel Workers and Tranna Wintour. Listen up!

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MikeyPod 329 | Edward Button and The King’s Singers

This week I welcome Edward Button to the podcast to talk about his work with the renowned British a cappella vocal ensemble, The King’s Singers. Eddie and I talk about the history of the group, The King’s Singers Global Foundation New Music Prize, and the many other ways the group strives to champion music as a way to find musical and social harmony in the world. I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation!

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MikeyPod 328 | Musician Michael Zapruder

Considering how much I love Michael Zapruder‘s music, I probably should not have been so surprised by how much we vibed together in this week’s episode of the podcast. His latest album, Latecomers, is rhythmically vibrant, melodically adventurous, and lyrically poetic yet conversational. Many of these qualities found their way into our conversation here, too, as we talked about the album, it’s journey, and Zapruder’s own journey as an artist. It’s a real privilege to talk to an artist like Michael, and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

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MikeyPod 327 | Writer and Performer Julie Piñero

Like her latest solo theater piece Delejos (from afar), my conversation this week with Julie Piñero explores themes of grief, distance, Latinx identity, virtual reality, and music in a strikingly intimate way. Our conversation here dives deep into the loss that ultimately gave birth to this, her first solo show, but also into the seemingly disparate emotions of grief and gratitude that share space in her psyche as of late. I’m excited to get this episode to your ears, and can’t wait for you to hear!

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MikeyPod 326 | Writer and Performer Sheila Carrasco

I had a fantastic chat with Sheila Carrasco this week about her new solo show,  Anyone But Me, (currently in its final week – Get tickets here!) The show dissects the psyches of women who struggle with self-identity, and our conversation explores the ways that creating and performing the show has transformed Ms. Carrasco’s own perception of self. I had such a blast with this conversation and I know you will love it too!

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Daniel Bernard Roumain

MikeyPod 325 | Composer Daniel Bernard Roumain

I am so proud to welcome composer, violinist, activist, and educator Daniel Bernard Roumain to the podcast this week. When I read last week that the Tulsa Opera made the decision to remove his aria “They Still Want to Kill Us” from the program for their upcoming concert to commemorate the centennial of the Tulsa race massacre, I reached out immediately for an interview. This important conversation about this and his other experiences of racism within the classical music world also gave way to a gorgeous connection the the unmistakable change making power of art. I’m so grateful to share this conversation with you this week!

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MikeyPod 324 | Writer and Performer Anna LaMadrid

Anna LaMadrid‘s solo performance The Oxy Complex opens online this week at IAMA Theater Company and she joined me this week to talk about her process with creating the show, how it was inspired by life in quarantine, and what it’s like to exist in the dual roles of writer and actor. Ms. LaMadrid also filled me in on her wildly popular coaching hub for actors, Put Me On Self Tape.

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