It’s been a while, kids. Been busy but here’s alotta music for ya:

Three Women – Stereolab iTunes
Morning After Midnight – Adam Green iTunes
Through the Night These Days – Jason Colette iTunes
The Very First Time – ABC (not yet available)
Sunrise – Yeasayer iTunes
Countdown – Jupiter One iTunes
Blame – Temposhark iTunes
Cloudhoppers – Matmos iTunes
AdÇu – u_mä
Skinny Love – Bon Iver iTunes
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. – Sufjan Stevens iTunes
Call Me Home – The Shanghai Restoration Project & Corey Frye iTunes
Other links:
Anji Bee
There Are Some Who Call Me Tim
Beggars Group USA
Corey Frye’s Myspace (go over there and tell him how badly you want him to do a soundseeing with me!)


4 thoughts on “MikeyPod 121 | where you been…

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    Great tracks on this one, Michael! The Sufjan Stevens song is amazing. I just picked up that album a couple weeks ago, and I can’t believe I haven’t listened to it yet. Especially since it’s inspired by my home state. Anyway, gonna be looking up several of the artists you played on this one. Looking forward to the next show.

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    Tim Corrimal

    This show rocks. I loved the music selection. Sunrise and Countdown were my favorites!

    I was jamming on the subway and I love when people look at you weird when you get into a song and start tapping your foot.

  3. mikeypod

    Shawno: cool, keep me posted on which artists you liked and how following up on them goes!

    Sharon: thank you!

    Tim: Sunrise: cool! That was one I didn’t know if people would like. Countdown is AMAZING, Ariel represents them, you should get the cd from them, it’s really good!

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