Today I talked with Jerry Larson, the Green Party‘s Candidate for Texas Governor, send out a special greeting to a dear friend and give a mini lesson on the splendor of John Cage in anticipation of a Da Camera performance at The Menil Collection tonight.

Thanks for all of your support and e-mails this week!

Maritime – Tearing Up The Oxygen
Lene Lovich – Say When
John Cage-Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos, Dance #1 – Patrick Moraz, Piano from Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute

9 thoughts on “MikeyPod 45 | Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Larson

  1. Brian

    I just finished listening to your interview. To me, you sound like you’ve been interviewing people for a living. You did one thing many people do not do when they try interviewing… LISTEN. Thanks for listening to your guest, being real (e.g., not worrying about the cough), and doing a show I personally enjoyed.

  2. mikeypod

    Thanks, Brian. I feel much more secure about interviewing after having a few under my belt, but I still feel a little shaky…your feedback really helps!

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  4. mikeypod

    Yeah if my calculations are correct, she predates even Kate Bush for crazed female acrobatics. I hadn’t realized that until now.

    Thanks for stopping by! I liked hearing you on yeast!

  5. norman in san diego

    hey mikey — loved the john cage/patrick moraz piece. thanks for featuring it.

  6. mikeypod

    I’m glad you like it Norman! It looks like I may return to this sort of segment again, lots of good feedback, and it was really fun to talk about music in that way, I never really get to.


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