Month: May 2006

MikeyPod 49 | Rapper shing02 and Stop-Rokkasho

Japanese rap activist, peace advocate and inventor shing02 joins me today to talk about his current project with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Stop-Rokkasho was started as a means of raising awareness about the opening of a nuclear reprocessing plant in the Japanese village of Rokkasho. The artists invite podcast subscribers and visitors to the site to download different versions of the song and create their own remixes of the track to post online with a banner about the project. Let me know if you participate so I can link to you too!


vital links:

Ryuichi Sakamoto
African Jag
Operation Peace Crane

Riding With the Window Down

I was Chris Doelle’s guest on Riding With The Window Down #109 last night. It came off really well! Check it out!

Divine Strake

Divine Strake is the code name for the June 2, 2006 testing of a 700 ton bomb in Nevada, about 90 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. This test will be conducted mere miles from past nuclear test sites without knowledge of the existance of remaining radioactive contamination. Should Divine Strake happen as scheduled, there is danger of that radioactivity being sent into our environment.

This strike will occour on the Western Shoshone Tribal Lands whose inhabitants have been fighting to shut down the test site where Divine Strake will occor. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination found that the United States is in violation of basic human rights standards and international law. CERD further ordered the United States to freeze, desist, and stop their actions on Western Shoshone tribal lands. Our voices must be hard if there is any chance of this being stopped!

Take Action: The Green Party Action Center

More information/listening:
Bicyclemark 117: Persuing Global Peace by Developing Bigger Bombs
The Guardian Article on Divine Strake
Washington Post on Divine Strake
The Heart of the Blog swarm

Help save LA community farm!

From this post at

The South Central Farm project is located on 14 acres of land at 41st and Alameda Streets in the middle South Central Los Angeles. It has been used as a collective community farm since 1992 and is one of the largest urban gardens in the United States. The farm provides food safety, open space, family activities and self relented to the local community. It also feeds 350 families by providing fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis. Each family has their own plot and grow the plants and food they choose.

Now the city of Los Angeles is trying to take the farm away from the community. They want to turn the land over to developers who will destroy the farm in order to build warehouses or another mega corporation distribution center. Time is running out but there is still hope to save the farm click here to visit the SCF website find out how you can help!

MikeyPod 47 | Freeway Blogging and Feedback

Harris County Young Democrats
Houston Freeway Blogging

HRC Vote No

The Big O Podcast

A Fresh Review

Go to The Houston Press and nominate The Black Math Experiment for the 2006 Music Awards

While you are there, you can vote for the members individually:
Vocals (Male) – Jef With One F
Vocals (Female) – Christi Lain
Guitars – Bill Curtner
Bass – Cpt. Mongo Nelson
Keyboards – Chris Soliz
Drums – Brian Coleman

Upon this Wave of Young Blood – Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
Yes I’m a Witch – Yoko Ono
Ology – The Black Math Experiment

time running out on emusic promotion


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