There are only a handful of people whom I feel have truly transformed me, many of them with just a sentence or two. Maybe with words that they had held with them for as long as they have walked on the earth, or maybe something that had no idea that they held with them. Who knows. Since these are my last couple of months in Houston, I felt that I wanted to track a few of these people down and have them on my show.

The first guest in this series is my dear friend, videographer Jeanie. We talked over breakfast at One’s a Meal about her video project-Everyone Has A Story, the major turning points in her life and how our friendship blossomed.

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17 thoughts on “MikeyPod 53 | Videographer (and dear, dear friend) Jeanie

  1. BruceCleveland

    What a great interview. I really loved the story about the orangatans (spelt wrong). Your friend sounds like a really neat person to be around and what a great perspective on life and the world around her.

  2. epilonious

    Iiiiit’s a smaaaaal world aaaaaafter aaaaaaaaaal.

    My Granmother actually did a lot of work for the Chicago Zoo.

    Her favorite story is about a gorilla she worked with that saved a kid who had fallen into the gorilla display and was knocked unconcious. This gorilla (a female) had shoed away some of the posturing adolescent males (who had the power to really hurt pretty much anything they wanted), cradled the child and took him over to the door that the zookeepers door.

    Otherwise, this was a pretty podcast, I am in deep anticipation of further details of your up-n-movin’ plan, but it sounds like you’re gonna have a lot of fun.

  3. Jim Johnson

    That was a great interview. You’re at your best when you’re “out in the field” doing interviews or making commentary. Thanks.

  4. BruceCleveland

    I actually heard that story about the gorilla before. I made the news…wherever the heck I was living at the time. There was video footage and all.

  5. adam

    I’m happy that you’re moving on but I’m sad that you won’t in Texas with me anymore. No worries though, I get to NY a lot and we will see one another again. This podcast is a paragon of your candor! xoxox

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