MikeyPod 77 | Habitat for Humanity Founder Millard Fuller


Yes right after I made that last post, the clouds parted and the upload began! The opening song is by Issa (formerly known as Jane Siberry). Here are her comments about the music.

Millard was great and so personable and an easy interview. This is just the first half of it, The second half will be up as soon as I can get it up. ahem. In the next podcast I will be giving away a signed copy of his book Building Materials for Life, Vol. II

More about Millard:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Habitat for Humanity

1 comment on “MikeyPod 77 | Habitat for Humanity Founder Millard Fuller

  1. I just listened to this. I’m just not into interviews. But I have realized why, interviews are one-sided. A question, an answer. Nothing more than a monologue at time. But yours are more like conversations and I think that is the direction you should go in. It would feel more informal, more personal.

    I did enjoy listening to Mr. Fuller. Now of course, I am asking myself who I am. crap.

    Love the Jane. (nope, I don’t believe in name changes) For me, listening to “sacred” music cross over is a joy. I want to be more spiritual and that helps me connect more.

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