Month: February 2007

Dottie and Roby Jailed

Back in August of ’06 I interviewed Dottie and Roby of Gay Into Straight Americaon MikeyPod episode 61. This episode generated more emails and comments then any other episode to date. if you didn’t get to hear it, please go back and check it out.

The reason I bring this up now is that tonight, Dottie and Roby are sitting in a Colorodo Springs jail after an act of Civil Disobedience in the office of Dr. James Dobson’s Focus On The Family. You can click here for the rest of the story.

Also, they need help raising bail money, if you can contribute there are pay pal links in the above referenced story.

Thanks, and please tell this story on your podcasts and to your friends and family.

MikeyPod 83 | Podsafe? DRM? WTF?

The Decemberists
Kill Rocks Stars
Throwing Music
Kristin Hersh’s Blog
Steve Jobs’ Thoughts On Music
Glen Gamboa’s Piracy Isn’t The Only Enemy which I discovered via Brooklyn Vegan
Daaimah Mubashshir
The Artist’s Way

Sugar Baby – Kristin Hersh iTunes emusic
Last Things Last- Rachel’s iTunes emusic
Steal the Blueprints Р +/- {Plus/Minus}

I credited this incorrectly on the show, the name of the album is Systems/Layers, the band is Rachel’s. Sad for me to screw that up, really. My apologies to Joe at Touch and Go | Quarterstick Records. it wasn’t until I started putting these shownotes together that I realized hat this was a Rachel’s track and not a side project of some sort.


MikeyPod 82 | Icy

Opening by Cheryl Merkowski
Comment from C-Dogg
Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl- Of Montreal buy it in iTunes
Ghostriders-The Rewinds buy it in iTunes
Vote for the Rewinds and Ex-Boyfriends at DO IT!
Grey Gardens
Sweep the Leg-No More Kings buy it in iTunes
Phantom Limb-The Shins buy it in iTunes
Sub Pop Records
Light Reds and Blues –¬†Refrigerator

MikeyPod 81 | podcasters need luv too

Intro by Chriso

Vote for Ex-Boyfriends to win band of the year at! DO IT! you can also find them at myspace.


The RPM Challenge. I have accepted a challenge to record an album of all original music by the end of February. Not THE album. AN album.

E.M.P.T.Y by The Clientele.

Okay the greatest thing about listening to this show after recording it is that I refer to the letter writer as both Daryl and Dean. WTF?? Sorry, Daryl.

Hug your friendly neighborhood podcaster.

Faking the Books by Lali Puna

Shouts to Liza at Copy, Right? for turning me on to them