MikeyPod 82 | Icy

Opening by Cheryl Merkowski
Comment from C-Dogg
Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl- Of Montreal buy it in iTunes
Ghostriders-The Rewinds buy it in iTunes
Vote for the Rewinds and Ex-Boyfriends at spin.com DO IT!
Grey Gardens
Sweep the Leg-No More Kings buy it in iTunes
Phantom Limb-The Shins buy it in iTunes
Sub Pop Records
Light Reds and Blues – Refrigerator

3 comments on “MikeyPod 82 | Icy

  1. mike hipp says:

    That Shins song, “Phantom Limb”.

    I was totally feeling REM’s influence in that song… for some strange reason though, Duran/Duran kept popping into my head too.

    Good show!

  2. Hey Mikey! Love the podcast!!!

    Yep, I bought all the labums featured. I love that our tastes in music are similar and since I am so busy avoiding the radio, I love that you expose me to music I haven’t heard. I’ve tried other music programs but there is so much variety, too much stuff I DON’T like. Maybe you won’t read as wide as an audience, but I will be a loyal listenturd. BTW, the iTurds links are especially great for lazy people like me.


  3. Caloryn in Houston says:

    Hey, Sweetie!

    I just bought the “No More Kings” album. Thanks for the tip! They’re great fun.

    Miss you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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