Month: March 2007

MikeyPod 85

It’s been 20 days since I’ve done a podcast.

My iPod died.

I gave it to someone on Freecycle who used it to rebuild hers.

Listen to BicycleMark’s experience working with Common Grounds in New Orleans.

The best band in Houston: Black Math Experiment.

I miss the sense of belonging I felt in Houston.

I’ve lost hope lately.

Voicemail from Darryl in Atlanta, Tim Corrimal from Go Rainbow Radio, and James in LA.

I want to get a point where I podcast just for the sake of podcasting.

Larry Levan Matmos

Matt Blender

Things to check out in NY:

1. Home Is Where the Heart Is
The Duplex Cabaret Theater
61 Christopher St @7th Ave
April 4th & May 11th @7PM
$10 cover, 2 drink minimum
To reserve seats on line go to
or call (212)255 5438

2. Hunny Bunny Hotbox, a naughty (!) burlesque show with singers and trans performers.

3. Happy End, the musical I’m musical-directing, is opening April 27th..

Leave me voicemail at 206-339-6682 or email me at

4. Podcamp New York
Saturday, April 7th: The New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Avenue at 34th Street
Registration open at 7:30 A.M.
Opening Ceremonies at 8:45 A.M.


Apples In Stereo: “Energy”

Matmos: “Steam and Sequins”

The Innocence Mission: “Into Brooklyn, Early In the Morning”


Well, I just recorded a lovely podcast but it seems that iTunes and Garageband are not getting along well today so I lost the whole thing. Rather than pitch a fit as I might usually do, I shall simply try again tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.


do it now, kids! More on MikeyPod84, but do it now! Listen later!

Two months plus

Being here in New York has turned out to be so good for me. Somehow, testing the world in this way of throwing everything away and starting again in a big scary place that is legendary for being cold and man-eating and all of that has proven to me that I am me here or anywhere. So I have the coffee shop, it looks like I will be teaching at the school in the village starting this summer or sooner, I have residencies–four of them– at public schools, I have a weekly accompanying gig which has spawned transcription and transposing projects, I have the Musical Directing job at Theater Ten Ten, and yesterday I got a gig doing some backing tracks for a show my friend Tye is working on.

I guess in Houston, things felt so easy and it seemed like a fluke that I was relatively successful with teaching and music and all. I think the fact that I never had to try to find work made it seem like a fluke, or maybe even an accident, and I always had this feeling that I was just doing these things because they couldn’t find anyone better. But now I have put myself out there– this new hayseed from Texas looking for work doing something I always felt like I was adequate at best, but that is appearing not to be true. What an interesting turn of events, and a beautiful turn at that. Could it be that I really am a worthwhile person? I mean, maybe even more than that? An exceptional person?

Yesterday Tye and I had a conversation quite similar to one I had with Chef Mark Sunday night. Just about choosing to have success, and also doing things regardless of fear level. Seems to work really. not to mention the fact that everyone I have encountered her in New york seems genuinely interested in cultivating success for those around them. You know, in terms of extending goodwill, suggestions, connections and such. Where are these cold and mean people that I have heard so much about? Every single person I have asked for directions on the street have stopped and made a point of direcing me clearly to where I needed to go, many asking where I moved from, what I am doing here. I love those conversations that go on for a block or so with random strangers walking in the same direction, until one has to make a turn or enter a building.

So yeah. I am happy to be here.

Really happy.

MikeyPod 84 | NYC is my Bitch!

Silent Shout by The Knife, dedicated to Zillafag (even if he probably won’t like it).

Thank you, Sharon in Tampon, for buying the music you hear on this show.

I’m still working at the coffee shop and training for a lower management position.

I also got a job working with playwrights to produce children’s shows.

I got a job musical directing a show called Happy End.

I also have some music teaching gigs coming up soon.

Martha Braden

I saw Spring Awakening with Chef Mark.

I saw a lady eating corn on the cob on the train.

There’s going to be a Queercaster meetup during Podcamp in NYC. Let me know if you’re coming.

Andrew Bird

I’m excited about the Quercasting meetup.

Call me at to leave me a voicemail.

Email me at

Glory by Essey Jane

direct download