MikeyPod 84 | NYC is my Bitch!

Silent Shout by The Knife, dedicated to Zillafag (even if he probably won’t like it).

Thank you, Sharon in Tampon, for buying the music you hear on this show.

I’m still working at the coffee shop and training for a lower management position.

I also got a job working with playwrights to produce children’s shows.

I got a job musical directing a show called Happy End.

I also have some music teaching gigs coming up soon.

Martha Braden

I saw Spring Awakening with Chef Mark.

I saw a lady eating corn on the cob on the train.

There’s going to be a Queercaster meetup during Podcamp in NYC. Let me know if you’re coming.

Andrew Bird

I’m excited about the Quercasting meetup.

Call me at to leave me a voicemail.

Email me at mikeypod@gmail.com

Glory by Essey Jane

direct download

5 comments on “MikeyPod 84 | NYC is my Bitch!

  1. bicyclemark says:

    I couldnt find where I write “yes” to the meetup in NYC. I mean… Im assuming Im welcome as an honarary lesbian.

  2. mikeypod says:


    I forgot you will be in town then too! It turns out that i will not be able to get to the meetup till kinda late, I have rehearsal that night till 10:30, I can get there by 11 I think if I take a cab. I hope I can see you some other time too. How long will you be here?

  3. bicyclemark says:

    Im going to take a week to travel the gulf coast, a few days in Philly and to follow a story in coal-country PA, but Ill be in NYC many times during my three week US journey. Also Im speaking at brooklyn college, oddly enough.

  4. I was going to whine about you playing a song for zilifag (“too slow”) but then I heard the song and wasn’t tempted to buy it so he saved me some money. I did like the song, just didn’t feel like I needed it.

    Regarding the mike, I don’t pay attention. As long as you are clear, I don’t notice the details. It’s probably because I am doing 4 other things while listening.

    BTW, what’s with the all the empty space at the end?

    Yikes, this isn’t too positive. Sheesh! I DO enjoy your podcasts, really!

  5. VJ says:

    Yeah! I’ll be there. The maybe is out of my ars 😉 Hope to see ya there.

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