MikeyPod 106 | PETA’s Dan Mathews

Dan Mathews
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Ariel Publicity

**SPECIAL THANKS to Michelle Gunnett for the gift of Dan’s book, and for helping me get in contact with him for the interview! YOU ROCK!**

Don’t Kill The Animals (disco mix) – Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich (out of print)
Orange Chinese Car – Marco Mahler buy it in iTunes (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)
I Believe – Peter Searcy buy it in iTunes (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)


6 comments on “MikeyPod 106 | PETA’s Dan Mathews

  1. Holly says:

    Being a “fallen vegetarian” I enjoyed the show. I was a vegetarian for 13 years, and have eaten meat for almost 4 years again. I’ve felt guilty about it, and maybe this is the little push I have needed to go back to my herbivore ways.

  2. Mike Hipp says:

    Outstanding show Mikeypod. I only wish you had more time with him. You asked some very intelligent questions and he was very well spoken. Good job my friend and I want to say thank you for bringing vegetarian/vegan issues into your podcast.

  3. MikeyPod says:

    Holly: I was a “fallen vegeterian” for years till I started getting back on track about a year ago. I still struggle and have slip ups, but I’m getting there. Thanks for responding to my comment begging on twitter. 😀

    Mike: Glad you liked the show! You are like, my vegan sponsor, you know, like in AA? hehehehehe.

  4. Andy Melton says:

    Dan Matthews has been involved with PETA since I was born in 1985. This was a really good show. Where can I find nude pics from the protest?!

  5. Mike Hipp says:

    A vegan sponsor….. I can live w/ that!

  6. The. Opening. Song. Was. Downright. Awful.

    Washing my ears out before trying to listen again.

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