Month: September 2015

MikeyPod 192 | Artist luke kurtis

The video below is a exclusive from luke kurtis, who is perhaps the most eclectic and active artist I know. We talk about his new installation “The Woods Are Watching,” his process with creating art and our collaborations together. Check out the podcast and especially the video above. Enjoy!

Gone (luke kurtis remix) – Michael Harren
Seance – luke kurtis

MikeyPod 191 | Twintapes’ Pavel Rivera

twintapes-SELECTS-BW-HIGH_RES-08-e1444305592838I’ve been following Twintapes for quite a while now and count its founder, Pavel Rivera, as a inspiration to my music production self. It was really great to talk to him about his music and his growth as a producer. Check it out and be sure to stay till the end to find out how to win a t-shirt from Ello!

Everyday Chemical
Where Do We Go
Painting Ocean Dreams

Here’s a link to Pavel’s YouTube channel for those audio production tutorials we spoke about.

MikeyPod 190 | The Real Vegan Housewife: Robin Fetter

IMG_5800Robin Fetter is a fantastic vegan blogger, hilarious backchannel Facebook communicator and now she’s entering the realm of vlogging and already kicking some serious ass. She and I have been internet friends for 6 some odd years so it was a real treat to chat with her here. Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to check out her website and YouTube channel as soon as you are done!

Slingshot Grin – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
See – Tycho

p.s. I spoke a bunch about at the end of the podcast. Check it out here.