MikeyPod 276 | Poet Gretchen Primack

I have been wanting to invite poet and educator Gretchen Primack on the podcast for way too long, and I am so happy to have her here now to discuss her latest book of poems, Visiting Days. We talked about her work as an educator in prisons, the path that led her to create this collection of poems, and so much more!

Visiting Days is a full-length collection of persona poems, published by Willow Books, that is “set” in a maximum-security men’s prison. “While I was deeply inspired by the students I’ve had/friends I’ve made over my years working in such an environment,” says Gretchen, “these are imaginary voices.” 

Be sure to check out Gretchen Primack’s website, follow her on Instagram and buy her book here!

Casteo – Thomas Feiner

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