Month: September 2021

MikeyPod 336 | The Violin Channel’s Geoffrey John Davies

Long before the dawn of social media influencers, Geoffrey John Davies decided to try out a new website called YouTube to share his love for music and all things violin. Well over a decade later, The Violin Channel has become the worlds #1 classical music news service. On today’s podcast, I talk with Geoffrey about this idea that dramatically changed the course of his life, and one of his latest projects with the channel, The Vanguard Concerts.

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MikeyPod 335 Bonus | Extended Interview with Dr. Louise Toppin

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MikeyPod 335 | Musician and Archivist Dr. Louise Toppin

On this episode of the podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with musician and archivist Dr. Louise Toppin about The African Diaspora Music Project – a database she created  to help singers and orchestras to diversify their repertoire of works by African Diaspora composers.  We talk about the inspiration behind the project, its future, and its present. I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation, along with two magnificent recordings of Dr. Toppin in performance. Listen at the link below or in your favorite podcast directory!

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