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Mikeypod 134 | it takes an ocean of trust

Lots of music and why to be careful dissing vegan chefs on twitter.

(00:14) Come Monday Night – God Help The Girl
(05:32) Houses – Great Northern
(09:45) Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Doves
(18:01) When Brakes Get Wet – Julie Doiron
(20:58) PSA: Freedom Center by Visitronix
(21:32) Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – Das Rascist and Wallpaper
(25:12) Sold! To The Nice Rich Man – The Welcome Wagon
(29:20) Familiar Light (Twins Remix) – Asobi Seksu
(32:34) Promo: The Gay Comedy Podcast
(35:32) Telephone – The Paper Cranes
(38:45) The Heartbreak Rides – A.C. Newman
(42:48) The Walking (And Constantly) – Jane Siberry
(53:10) New York – Sara Lov

photo credit:
“fallen, and falling” by flickr user lindley rebecca

also of note:
Sara Kramer’s GoVegan.net
Nettwerk Music Group