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MikeyPod 136 | Death By Soymilk!

Feeling happy with this mix, which includes a strange lineage of artists stemming from my twitter connection with Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s Tim Elsenburg. Sweet Billy Pilgrim begat Uniform Motion begat Anois… at least that’s the order in which I discovered them all.

By the way, I am still doing the show without access to my music collection thanks to my dead external hard drive. If you’d like to buy me one, stop by my amazon wishlist to find out how! Did I mention my 40th birthday is in just over a week?

(00:05) Forget To Breathe – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
(07:37) The Reeling (Wallpaper. Remix) – Passion Pit
(12:17) Talk To Me – Peaches
(15:20) Circles – The Pragmatic
(20:11) Coffeelocks – Gavin Castleton
(24:19) Stronger Than Jesus – A Camp
(27:21) Never Leaving Eden Again – The Water Walk
(33:19) Riga Girls – The Weepies
(35:48) Sew New World – Anois
(40:56) Rain & Soil – Uniform Motion
(48:44) Sana – Up Dharma Down

Other Links:
Aerotone (for download of Anois album.)

Photo Credit:
Death By Soymilk! by flicker user vkreees. Used by permission.