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MikeyPod 5 | The Orange Show

This week, I take you on a soundseeing tour of The Orange Show which is one of the coolest places in Houston. I am just fascinated with this place. Check out the photographs I took with my beloved roomate’s camera.

Also, this week I start a new weekly segment featuring Laurence Simon’s 100 word stories, I’m thrilled that Mr. Simon is willing to participate in my show. Please check out his blog, and his podcast.

Showdown in Marfa– I mentioned this article in the show. Let me know what you think. Anyone up for a road trip?

Shout out also to Chris Doelle who can be found at PMC Top 10, Riding with the window down, and Lone Star Gridiron. YAY for local podcasters!

As always, thanks for listening. If you enjoy the show, (or hate it) let me know! I love getting e-mail. mikeypod(at)gmail(dot)com

Featured Music:
Kilowats and Vanek-Lies
The Entertainment System-Bigmouth Strikes Again
46Bliss-In A Long Time

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**beware: I am recording on a new set up this week, and discovered that the music is at a much higher level than the speech portions. Sorry, I know how annoying that is. I will learn how to aviod that in time for next week’s show. Of course, I am always open to your suggestions!**