Finnegan Shanahan photo by Jonah Rosenberg

MikeyPod 207 | Composer Finnegan Shanahan

Four days ago my pal Jill Strominger at New Amsterdam Records sent me Finnegan Shanahan‘s new album, The Two Halves. She knew I would love and it she was right. I am fascinated by the fact that it is inspired by a map, and in love with the spirit and buoyancy of the music in this song cycle. Continue reading →

Snapchat Filmmaker Harris Markowitz

MikeyPod 206 | Snapchat Filmmaker Harris Markowitz

I came across Harris Markowitz on Snapchat some time ago. Though I don’t remember exactly how I discovered him, I do remember becoming an immediate fan. His snaps are ridiculously creative and compelling and, with his company A Cereal Production, he has created content for companies like Coca-Cola and Jolly Rancher. Continue reading →

Rae Spoon - Photo by Foxx Foto

MikeyPod 205 | Musician Rae Spoon

Rae Spoon is a musician, author, and speaker whose book, First Spring Grass Fire, was just named one of 10 best books by transgender authors featuring trans characters by The Guardian. Rae’s 8th album, Armor, was just released last month and it’s fantastic!

Continue reading →

The Vegan Roadie Season 2

MikeyPod 204 | The Vegan Roadie

Dustin Harder  is the host and creator of the hit YouTube series The Vegan Roadie. A plant based personal chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Instiutute in NYC. I am a huge fan of both the series and the man. He’s crowdfunding the second season of the show on Kickstarter and you should absolutely support this! I have backed the project myself and believe in it wholeheartedly. Continue reading →

Jasmin Singer (photo by Derek Goodwin)

MikeyPod 203 | Author Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer is the co-founder and executive director of Our Hen House, a nonprofit multimedia hub working to change the world for animals. With Our Hen House, Jasmin produces an online magazine and a video production unit. She is a regular public speaker on the subjects of veganism and activism, and travels throughout the country (and beyond) to give workshops and keynotes at venues such as conferences, Vegetarian Food Fests, law schools, and universities.

More importantly she is my dear friend, running partner, and a lovely force of nature in my life, AND her memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough was just released last week. It’s brilliant. She’s brilliant. Everything’s brilliant. Check out our conversation and tell a friend! Continue reading →

Raffaella Ciavatta and Lili Trenkova of Collectively Free

MikeyPod 202 | Activist Community Collectively Free

Raffaella Ciavatta and Lili Trenkova are the co-founders of Collectively Free, an activist community that works towards total animal liberation through anti-speciesist messaging, highly creative, non-violent actions, and pro-intersectional, empowering community building. I have participated in a number of actions with Collectively Free, and I have always walked away feeling deeply respectful of how they conduct themselves as activists and as an organization. On a personal note, I adore these two humans to the max, and am so happy to have them on the podcast. Continue reading →

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