Dottie Berry and Roby Sapp have been traveling the country for nearly a year “trying to engage hearts and minds and create authentic connections with the goal to dissolve differences that separate us.” So refreshing to hear a new approach toward bringing folks together. I know that my default reaction many times is anger, maybe there is a better way.

Also, some music I love, a couple of promos and thoughts on choosing happiness.

Gay Into Straight America MySpace
Remarkably Mark
Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters
Third Shift Recording Co. Podcast featuring New Sense
Farewell Circuit

Music featured:
Good Day- Natives of the New Dawn Podsafe Music Network iTunes MySpace

Ready to Leave- New Sense Podsafe Music Network iTunes

11 thoughts on “MikeyPod 61 | Two Crazy Women and a Poodle

  1. Chef Mark

    Hi Mikey, thanks for playing my promo!

    Great show. These ladies are on fire! I loved hearing their message of transformation through being our authentic selves. It inspires me to renew my possibilities for myself, and let go of some things that are holding me back.

    Way to go Dottie and Roby!

  2. mike hipp

    Hiya Mikey

    Really enjoyed the show today. That opening song was just great and the message from your guests was outstanding! I always get so inspired when I listen to your show.

    I am thinking of some things a little bit differently now after listening…. which is always a good thing.

    Keep up the good work.

    mike hipp

  3. Miss Bunny

    I really enjoyed the show – was really able to identify with Dottie and Roby’s message.

    Good luck with your move – if you travel close to Bloomington, IL just let us know – you can stay at our place and etc….

    Miss Bunny

  4. mikeypod


    thanks for listening, as always. they have really given me some things to think about as well. Hopefully they will be podcasting soon as well!

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