A little longer than usual, but only because it’s dripping with awesomesauce.

(00:39) Hooting & Howling – Wild Beasts
(05:56) Jacksonville – Sufjan Stevens
(11:17) Here to Fall – Yo La Tengo
(16:57) Azalean – Division Day
(21:03) Hearts and Minds – Matt Pond PA
(25:37) Two Dots – Lusine
(30:08) Basic Space – The XX
(33:14) Orange Lit Spaces (live) – Christopher Willits
(38:13) Small Metal Gods – David Sylvian
(46:47) Oranges – Elan Tamara
(51:48) Sunlight – Tune-Yards
(55:31) Lips – Micachu & the Shapes
(59:04) Scared Scared Scared – Gavin Castleton

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4 thoughts on “MikeyPod 144

  1. Avatar

    That Wild Beasts song sounded great! And I had heard that Lusine song before. It’s very earworm-y. And if you’re up for taking a request for some time in the future, my favorite track from the “Illinois” album by Sufjan Stevens is “Decatur.” I think it’s ’cause I’ve actually been to Decatur, IL. Anyway, good show.

  2. mikeypod

    Hey guys, that entire Wild Beasts album is great. They trow in a little David Bowie for good measure.

    Shawno, I’ll play your request on the next show!

  3. Avatar

    As Keeper of Obscure Female Musicians, I’m pleased enough from hearing “Two Dots” that I must now learn more about the Finnish singer Vilja Larjosto. Thanks for giving me new potential stalking material! 😉

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