MikeyPod 255 | Painter Jane O’Hara

Jane O'Hara

I sometimes feel a bit insecure talking with visual artists. I know so little about that world, so I fear I won’t have the knowledge or even basic vocabulary to carry on a worthwhile conversation. Enter painter Jane O’Hara, whose charming approachability is matched only by her fascinating path as an artist who makes works about animals. She was an absolute treasure on this week’s podcast. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 254 | Filmmaker Carrie Hawks

Carrie Hawks

Carrie Hawks is a filmmaker whose film, black enuf* explores their journey as “a queer oddball seeking approval from black peers despite a serious lack of hip-hop credentials.” This animated documentary playfully explores race and self-acceptance through Carrie’s experience, and interviews with their family and friends.

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MikeyPod 253 | Comedian, Composer, and Filmmaker Lauren Maul

Lauren Maul

I got a message from Bianca at Shark Party Media early last week that she had a perfect guest for the podcast: Lauren Maul. One glance at her latest project, Apologies from Men: The Album convinced me that this was an activist artist I needed to meet. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 252 | Author Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey Marsh is a author, speaker, and non-binary activist who uses the Internet as their medium with tremendous success. Jeffrey was a huge success on (sadly, now defunct) Vine, but their social media success extends well beyond that with over 350 million views of their positive and inclusive message. Jeffrey’s best-selling book, How To Be You, made them the first non-binary author with a “Big 5” publisher, Penguin Random House.
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MikeyPod 251 | Podcaster Macken


Just about 48 hours after I met Macken on Twitter (yes! it’s still a thing) we were Skyping our way through this great interview for the podcast. Macken is the host of the brand new Species podcast, which teaches you everything you’d ever want to know about a given animal. A committed vegan, Macken combines his love of podcasting with his passion for vegan advocacy to make this incredibly listenable and educational podcast.  Continue reading →

MikeyPod 250 | Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur

I had the privilege of meeting photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur last fall at The Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Foundation Festival. Jo-Anne is the creator of We Animals, a project which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment. She has won numerous awards, is widely published, and is the subject of the documentary film, The Ghosts in Our Machine. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 249 | Vegan Rapper Grey

Vegan Rapper Grey

You’ll probably remember vegan rapper Grey from his award winning Vegan Thanksgiving freestyle video that went viral in 2016 and continues to get lots of vegan holiday love. His music + activism hybrid made him a perfect candidate to be a guest on the podcast, so I was especially pumped that he accepted my invite to chat. We talk here about his viral success, how his music (and health!) changed when he went vegan, his activism in Atlanta with One Love Animal Save, and his EP, Missed Calls. Continue reading →