MikeyPod 280 | Musician and YouTuber Jon Tedd

Jon Tedd

I first encountered Jon Tedd about 11 years ago when I went vegan and discovered him as the face of The Vegan Zombie YouTube channel. Their videos went a long way toward helping me to discove what I would be eating as a brand new vegan. A lot has changed for him since then, including the fact that he has co-founded Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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MikeyPod 279 | Artist Emily Rainbow Davis

Emily Rainbow Davis creates a wide variety of stuff — theater, blogs, podcasts, music, and so much more. I’ve been following her work for quite a while now, but was especially intrigued by a recent blog post about popularity and its relationship to the quality of a piece of art. There’s way more to it than that, so you just gotta check it out.

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MikeyPod 278 | Comedian Chloe Koser

Chloe Koser

Playwright/actor/comedian Chloe Koser is my guest on this week’s episode of the podcast. Chloe wrote and stars in the hilarious, lewd, and soul-baring, one-woman show Never A Boy which tells the story of Chloe coming out as a woman while maintaining a public persona as a working comedian and actor. She shares her story in a way that is equal parts touching and riotously funny.

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MikeyPod 277 | Artivist Styngvi

I first learned about Styngvi through my gurl Honey LaBronx. Styngvi is an Icelandic artist who uses his talents to inspire and educate others. His designs are simple, and yet powerfully engaging. I’ve been really inspired by the sheer volume of his work and the way he spreads the word about animals and the environment in such an accessible way. I know you’ll love this interview!

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MikeyPod 276 | Poet Gretchen Primack

I have been wanting to invite poet and educator Gretchen Primack on the podcast for way too long, and I am so happy to have her here now to discuss her latest book of poems, Visiting Days. We talked about her work as an educator in prisons, the path that led her to create this collection of poems, and so much more!

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MikeyPod 275 | Author Camille DeAngelis Returns

Author Camille DeAngelis, returns to the podcast to follow up on our discussion from episode 275. This conversation goes deep into ego, self doubt, creating from a place of abundance, and success vs. satisfaction. I was absolutely invigorated by our conversation! Let me know how it resonates with you!

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