MikeyPod 327 | Writer and Performer Julie Piñero

Like her latest solo theater piece Delejos (from afar), my conversation this week with Julie Piñero explores themes of grief, distance, Latinx identity, virtual reality, and music in a strikingly intimate way. Our conversation here dives deep into the loss that ultimately gave birth to this, her first solo show, but also into the seemingly disparate emotions of grief and gratitude that share space in her psyche as of late. I’m excited to get this episode to your ears, and can’t wait for you to hear!

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MikeyPod 326 | Writer and Performer Sheila Carrasco

I had a fantastic chat with Sheila Carrasco this week about her new solo show,  Anyone But Me, (currently in its final week – Get tickets here!) The show dissects the psyches of women who struggle with self-identity, and our conversation explores the ways that creating and performing the show has transformed Ms. Carrasco’s own perception of self. I had such a blast with this conversation and I know you will love it too!

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MikeyPod 325 | Composer Daniel Bernard Roumain

Daniel Bernard Roumain

I am so proud to welcome composer, violinist, activist, and educator Daniel Bernard Roumain to the podcast this week. When I read last week that the Tulsa Opera made the decision to remove his aria “They Still Want to Kill Us” from the program for their upcoming concert to commemorate the centennial of the Tulsa race massacre, I reached out immediately for an interview. This important conversation about this and his other experiences of racism within the classical music world also gave way to a gorgeous connection the the unmistakable change making power of art. I’m so grateful to share this conversation with you this week!

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MikeyPod 324 | Writer and Performer Anna LaMadrid

Anna LaMadrid‘s solo performance The Oxy Complex opens online this week at IAMA Theater Company and she joined me this week to talk about her process with creating the show, how it was inspired by life in quarantine, and what it’s like to exist in the dual roles of writer and actor. Ms. LaMadrid also filled me in on her wildly popular coaching hub for actors, Put Me On Self Tape.

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MikeyPod 323 | Dark Synth-Pop Duo PIERA

I was treated to a preview of “Unraveling,” the forthcoming new video from dark electronic synth-pop duo PIERA a couple weeks ago, and I knew I had to introduce them to you, fair MikeyPod listeners. The music is a blend of influences I have always loved yet it still maintains a unique and vibrant voice of its own. Our conversation here reveals the beautiful humans behind the music, and their desire to share the potential they see for all of us.

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MikeyPod 322 | Comedian Myq Kaplan

I’ve been a casual fan of Myq Kaplan‘s for a few years now, but it wasn’t until I started prepping for this conversation that I got a full picture of his work. He’s, of course, a brilliant comedian, but through listening to his podcasts and his music, I developed a whole new appreciation for his vast catalogue. We covered a bunch of ground here, but I was especially intrigued by the way his growth as a performer informed his growth as a human being. Enjoy this great conversation and a little taste of his music as well!

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MikeyPod 321 | Writer and Performer Táhlia Audrí

Táhlia Audrí

Tàhlia Audrí and I first crossed paths as cast members in Lauren Maul‘s Bucolic a couple of years ago. I’ve followed all of her work since then, but was especially moved and empowered by her quarantine inspired series, QT 2020 which she launched on Instagram TV last year. It was great reconnecting with Táhlia about her creative work this past year, her recent collaboration with Comedy Central, and a dive into her creative process! Listen below or in your favorite podcast directory!

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MikeyPod 320 | Podcaster Lee Uehara

Lee Uehara

I first encountered Lee Uehara as the founder of NYC Podcasters Network, but soon discovered she also founded Asian American Podcasters Association, and of course hosts her own podcasts House of Lee NYC and Upper West Side Corner Talk. We talk about what drew her to podcasting, the importance of building community, and some ideas to help move through common frustrations faced by independent creators of stuff.

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