MikeyPod 343 | Author and Filmmaker Miasha

On this episode of the podcast I chat with author, filmmaker, producer and serial entrepreneur, Miasha. We talk about her book turned film Secret Society, her inspiration, the importance of telling LGBTQIA+ stories through a BIPOC lens, and so much more. MIASHA is a real powerhouse, and was an absolute pleasure to talk with! Don’t miss this episode, and of course check out the book and the film.

A west Philadelphia native, Miasha had ambitions of being a writer at the early age of 9, after her dad secretly submitted one of her poems to the Daily News and it was published. With newfound confidence received from seeing her name in print, she wrote constantly, from poetry to plays and scripts. In high school, she was known by her classmates for having juicy stories in her composition books. 

Inspired by the keynote speaker at her college graduation, fellow Philadelphian and author Karen E. Quinones Miller, Miasha wrote her first novel, debut novel Secret Society, straight out of college and ultimately landed Miasha a historic book deal, seldom given to first time authors. 

Miasha became a force in the publishing industry – from having book release parties hosted by celebrities like Kevin Hart, to Simon and Schuster designating June “Miasha Month,” during which no other urban lit author could release a book, to being the first urban lit author given a spread in ELLE magazine. And she’s doing it again with film and television. Following the overwhelming success of her first feature,Secret Society, she is adopting her other novels into movies and a TV series. The highly anticipated Secret Society Part 2 is scheduled to be released in April under Miasha Productions, her namesake production company established in 2020.

When Miasha is not writing and producing, she has her hands full as a wife of almost 19 years, a mom of two teenage sons, and a bonafide businesswoman. She is the owner of Rich Boys Brand, Inc., a brand offering trending children’s clothing and accessories online, as well as Hype Frenchie, a breeding program for Exotic French Bulldogs. Miasha is also an investor of Kings Kloth, an online store for Muslim Menswear.

A serial entrepreneur who is steadfast on building generational wealth and instilling financial freedom into her children and other youth, she is the founder of Rich Boys Academy, a free online course that teaches kids how to start and grow a successful business. Her ultimate goals include growing her portfolio of investment properties and giving back to underprivileged and marginalized communities worldwide. She lives in Miami with her family. For more on Miasha, please visit: www.MIASHA.com

Follow MIASHA on Instagram (@miashaofficial and @secretsocietymovie), Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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