MikeyPod 342 | Choral Arts Initiative Founder Brandon Elliott

My guest this week is Brandon Elliott, the Founder, Executive and Artistic Director of Choral Arts Initiative, an organization solely dedicated to bringing new music by living artists to life. We talk about his work with the organization, their most recent commission, From Wilderness, and how the gift of time and space deepened his understanding of the piece. I loved this interview and I know you will too!

Brandon Elliott enjoys an expansive career as a conductor-educator, musician, arts leader, and consultant. He is the Founder & Artistic Director of Choral Arts Initiative, an award-winning new music choral ensemble based in Orange County CA. Under his leadership, Choral Arts Initiative has received critical acclaim and recognition for its artistic excellence, musical innovation, and dedication to performing music from a vibrant roster of living composers. With a passion for new music, he has conducted the premiere of over 70 works.

About Choral Arts Initiative: We believe that we have the opportunity to be a living metaphor that celebrates unity. We believe that fostering and embracing the music of emerging composers is critical to our art form. We believe that our community deserves to hear the greatest performances of new choral music. We believe that passion and sincerity should be at the forefront of all musical endeavors.  
We are Choral Arts Initiative. 

From Wilderness selections: Sierras: No 1 Crabtree Meadows, No 2 Muir Pass and No 3 Tuolumne Meadows – Choral Arts Initiative conducted by Brandon Elliott. Composed by Jeffery Derus.

Purchase and stream From Wilderness here.
Give to fully fund Choral Arts Initiative’s 10th season here.

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3 comments on “MikeyPod 342 | Choral Arts Initiative Founder Brandon Elliott

  1. Daniel Levy says:

    Excited for all the performers involved in “From Wilderness.” All the best!! 🙂

  2. What a cool and interesting podcast!! I wish they had podcasts similar to these for Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble… I would submit music work/scores…the format and length of this presentation is great and the “bluberry” player plays clear, clean recordings!!! 🙂

    1. Michael says:

      Thank you so much for checking out the podcast, Daniel!! It means so much to hear from you! More to come!

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