MikeyPod 341 | Harpist Emily Levin

Harpist Emily Levin joins me on the podcast to discuss GroundWork(s), a commissioning project she founded to celebrate living composers through harp-centric commissions, and to pay homage to the communities that first supported them through hometown premieres. I chatted with Emily just days before the premiere of her first commission and felt so inspired by her passion for music and her instrument. 

Emily Levin is the Principal Harpist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Bronze Medal Winner of the 9th USA International Harp Competition. Her playing has been praised for its “communicative, emotionally intense expression” (Jerusalem Post) and the Herald Times commended her “technical wizardry and artistic intuition.” As a soloist, orchestral musician, and chamber collaborator, Levin brings the harp to the forefront of a diverse musical spectrum, using her instrument to connect with all audiences.

Emily works extensively with established and emerging composers alike, which led to commendation from the New York Times for “singing well and playing beautifully.” The 2021-2022 season marks Emily’s launch of GroundWork(s), a initiative commissioning fifty American composers, one from each state, for harp-centric works. Each piece will premiere in the composer’s hometown, celebrating the communities that first supported them. Current projects include a solo harp piece by Michael Ippolito, and chamber works by Reena Esmail, Aaron Holloway Nahum, Sarah Kirkland Snider, and Jerod Impichchaachaaha Tate.

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Le Rossignol – Emily Levin

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