Month: July 2005

MikeyPod 4 | Filmmaker Sharon Ferranti

Today I went to Cafe Brasil and interviewed Houston filmmaker Sharon Ferranti about her lesbian horror film Make a Wish which you can purchase at Wolfe Video or rent from selected Blockbuster Video locations or Netflix.

Two tracks from Chicago’s Matthew Mercer are also featured on this episode. If you want to hear more of Matthew Mercer’s music download it here.

Thanks for listening!

MikeyPod 3 | Midtown Farmer’s Market

This weeks episode includes a visit to the Midtown Farmer’s Market with my pal Frank. I talked to Monica Graham from The Animal Farm , sampled some baked nummies from The Center, and talked to the Culinary Diva herself, Monica Pope, who helped to dispell some myths about how the farmer’s market began.

Also in this episode, podsafe music from Climber and Sweet Billy Pilgrim, two of my current obsessions.

In my hurry to get this show done, I neglected to mention my new friend Scott Mindeaux who was kind enough to help me get lots of stuff worked out last week when I was having a hissyfit over at qPodder trying to get my show posted and my feed straightened out. Check out his show, he does a weather forecast for all of his listeners, I thought that was just cool as shit!

Until next week!


MikeyPod 2 | Artist Roberto Cervantes

WOW! It was a pain in the ass to get this thing posted, but at last, here it is!

This week I interviewed my pal Roberto Cervantes, a Houston based artist, builder of furniture, painter of murals, animator and all around bad-ass. We decided to let him be DJ so he picked some of his current favorite songs to share with us. This show is longer than usual (usual?? this is only the second episode) but with the songs inside, I figured, what the hell?

Featured music:

  • The Lake-Antony and the Johnsons from The Lake EP
  • O’oh-Yoko Ono from OnoBox (disc 6)
  • Till it’s Time for You to Go- Cleo Laine (Buffy Sainte-Marie cover) from At Her Finest

MikeyPod 0 | Soundseeing Miller Outdoor Theater


  • Intro to MikeyPod on the Bayou
  • Brandon and I ride our bikes to Miller Outdoor Theater for Fourth of July festivities
  • That’s it.