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Suzy Wager and I came out at pretty much the same time back in 1989 or so. We used to seek out gay movies, radio shows, and any other gay things. Over the years I felt that being out to most of the people in my life was enough. I was wrong.

Suzy and I got together at Barnaby’s Cafe Wednesday night to reflect on the state of bigotry/ apathy in our fine state.

Also, Marshal Click over at Gayborhood Radio invited me to be on his show Tuesday night, we had alot of fun! Check it out.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve explained why I’m in favor of a total revamping of the relationship between government and churches when it comes to the registration of partner relationships and the labeling of them as Marriage or Partners or Couples or whatever, but I’m too lazy to search.

    Forget the religious issues. Forget child-rearing and adopting. Forget the fears and the hopes and the aspirations.

    I see it at its most fundamental level: responsibility.

    It’s very simple: nobody should be alone. Each person should have someone responsible for them and someone they are responsible for. Socially, economically, whateverically – it makes sorting things out and getting things done a whole lot easier when there’s a problem and the individual is incapacitated.

    One should never trust The Government or Society or Bureaucratic Method Of Advocacy to decide for you. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to assert their rights, or another individual one decides represents them in such matters.

    Call them a husband. Or a wife. Or a partner. Or a spouse. Or an entirely different word that can be trademarked and registered as a dot-com.

    It’s just a field in a form, and it doesn’t matter if you recognize it with exchanged rings. (Just as long as if it’s a leash-and-a-collar, there’s a human at either end.)

  2. mikeypod says:


    Hey I started writing a 100 word story about prop two…I felt like I was just getting going and then realized I already had about 180 words. How the fuck do you do it?

  3. i’m not sure how i do it. maybe i need a houston press reporter to follow me around and watch. 😉

    oh, and my opinion of the gospels: four drunk fratboys who couldn’t keep their stories straight.

  4. Dag says:

    a quickie xoxox’s to U matie!
    i love U and your show!

    double plus good!!!
    oh, that was me doing the Yoko Ono singing on my podcast… he hee heee!
    i do love Yoko!!

    cheers – Dag

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