Month: March 2006

MikeyPod 42

Music: Another Chance- Howard Jones

Howard and his Mom’s role in my sobriety

Voicemail: Chris Doelle

Houston Podcaster Meetup last week

Voicemail: That Blue Jeans Guy

Promo: Spainful Films Video Podcast

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100 Word Story: Laurence Simon

Shoutout:Tranny Wreck Radio

Music: American Freak (demo)- Jeb from the £50 Note podcast.

Congrats to Jeb and to Heather at Rubyfruit Radio both have been/will be featured podcasts in Spin Magazine.


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Music: Out Beyond Ideas- David Wilcox and Nancy Pettit


MikeyPraise from a new PodFriend

This review of my show was posted at Podcast Pickle by Conrad, one of the creators of the hilariously bizarre video podcasts at Spainful Films

MikeyPod on the Bayou (Review Based on Episodes 38,39 & 41)

Thumbs Up: Despite apologies to the contrary the highly likeable host if this show has the confidence to make this professionally produced show flow with absolute fluidity. The content itself is political without being preachy and demonstrates how serious interviews can still be conversational. This should be listened to by other podcasters as an example of how to conduct great interviews.

Thumbs Down: I could be incorrect with this assumption but judging by the content on the feed the show only goes out when a new interview is carried out. Whilst this can be commended on the grounds of it doesn’t waste people’s time, I would suggest ensuring you work to maintain lines of communication with your listeners.

On a personal note. I rather wish this show was played to all teenagers in schools by law. Given a few years it would probably make the world a more pleasant and peaceful place.


MikeyPod 41 | Singer David Rovics

Today’s guest David Rovics, the man Amy Goodman referred to as “the musical version of Democracy Now!” David talks about his songs, file sharing, the corporate media, and lots more.

Featured songs:
Halliburton Boardroom Massacre
The Commons

All of David Rovics’ music is available for download here
David’s tour dates

MikeyPod 40 | Author and Activist Kathy Kelly (part 2 of 2)

Today’s show features the second half of an interview with Kathy Kelly, co- founder of Voices in the Wilderness, three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and author of Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison.

Featured Music:
Who Would Jesus Bomb- David Rovics

David Rovics will be my guest on the next show!

Retro Bicyclemark! A recast of Activism 101-1 on David Dellinger

The Catholic Worker Movement
Voices for Creative Non-Violence
Electronic Iraq
Tom Fox
David Dellinger
e-mail Kathy- kathykelly [at] vcnv [dot] org

thanks for listening!


People all over the world will be marking the 3rd anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq this weekend by marching against the war, what will you be doing?

Here in the U.S. thousands will march in Times Square New York City, LA, Boston, DC, Houston and scores of other places including a march from Mobile to New Orleans. What will you be doing?

You can find out what is happening in your city by clicking here

If you are able to attend, please record or call my voicemail at 206-339-6682 while you are marching! I would love to make a soundscape of war protesters from around the world!

MikeyPod 39 | Author and Activist Kathy Kelly (part 1 of 2)

Today’s show features the first half of an interview with Kathy Kelly, co- founder of Voices in the Wilderness, three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and author of Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison.

Ms Kelly spent time in a maximum security prison for planting corn on a nuclear missle silo, and for bringing medicine and toys to Iraq in open violation of the UN/US sanctions, she and other campaign members were notified of a proposed $163,000 penalty for the organization, threatened with 12 years in prison, and eventually fined $20,000, a sum which they’ve refused to pay.

Kathy mentioned the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee website as a resource for those of us who no longer wish to pay for this war.

PSA: Harris County Green Party

Featured Music:
World CitizenDavid Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto

note: David Sylvian’s record label, Samadhi Sound has given me permission to play this music. YAY!


I am on today’s episode of Lucky Bitch Radio. Wanda and I had great time talking about dating and….well, just listen!