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Music: War and Peace- Ryuichi Sakamoto

3 comments on “MikeyPod 43

  1. You asked, I answer.

    What do I think? FIFK. F- Iraq, Free Kurdistan.

    Churchill betrayed the Kurds long ago after WWI, and the artificial entity of Iraq has been devastating to the Kurds since, their ancient homeland divided into four parts among tyrants and despoilers.

    Coalition pulls back to Kurdistan, formalizes their already-existing democracy there and breaks their bloody shackles to the never-ending battle between Sunni and Shiite Arabs. Provide a path for Turkish Kurds to reunify with the Iraqi Kurds (check Michael J. Totten’s blog for information on how awful the Ottoman Turks treat their Kurdish subjugates).

    Iranian Kurds have been rebelling in small skirmishes with the Persian Shiites. A little assistance there would help the disparate groups of Iraq break from the mullahs there.

    The Sunnis and Shiites can then beseech the Arab League for assistance and police training to achieve peace, because they’re all Arab Brothers demanding for peace, right?

    And that’s what I think.

  2. mikeypod says:

    okay…i know nothing about any of this. i’m gonna hit up Wikipedia. This is exactly what I need. Thanks!

  3. Hey Mikey, this is Drew (the guy who left the voicemail on your show)

    loved your commentary on wrestling w/ political views and being open to conservative views. good luck with the senators! 🙂

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