**this episode has been removed due to copyright concerns**

Fiftieth episode cheesiness for all to enjoy! Featuring requests from Tiffany, Krebs, John Ong, Sharon in Tampon, Laurence Simon, Curtis, Amy, Cheryl Merkowski, Jennifer, Chris Doelle, Bicyclemark, Willing Warrior.

6 thoughts on “MikeyPod 50 | All Request Disco Dance Party

  1. laura

    fantastic mikeypod!

    i thought 😛 when i read “disco”, but the cats and i are rockin the house. wooOO wooOO!

  2. djDavidj


    Listening on route to St.Paul MN. Drving north, listening to this show, almost threw the show. LOVE it, I am rocking down and people looking in my truck think i am crazy. Nice mix of music. Makes me feel old. 😉


  3. epilonious

    Is it bad if I have heard about 95% of those songs? I especially loved the Cake version of “I Will Survive”… but I don’t think that the Gloria Gaynor version is stale or played out. If she is… Then so are the beatles…

    Thanks for keeping me dancing at work.

  4. Sharon in Tampon

    Oh Mikey! I ain’t never had no bitch before! I am so ‘cited baby! When you gonna come over to the Floridas and make me happy?

    Thanks for a wonderful blast from the past. I feel so goddam old now! And I feel even more retarted for not thinking of a better song especially once you played all those wonderful tunes that I knew all the words to. I swear I was never a disco queen!

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