MikeyPod 55 | Soundseeing Houston’s Pride Parade

Finally! Soundseeing of the gay pride parade here in Houston. I walked around with my good friend Carolyn Johnson, ran into an old friend, and just roamed my first gay pride parade in years since I dropped the “self-loathing homosexual” routine. Also, new music from Lanky and Bronski Beat’s classic gay anthem, Smalltown Boy (iTunes link).

4 comments on “MikeyPod 55 | Soundseeing Houston’s Pride Parade

  1. Rob (Avg. Penis) says:

    Thanks for the shout out honaaaay!

  2. jayceeloop says:

    Wow that was quite an audio-trip!
    I’ve never been to a pride parade, I loved this experience. Will you use the 2nd part of it? 😀

  3. This year I was a volunteer at the Pride Festival which preceeded the Pride Parade, so I didn’t get the chance to enjoy the Parade. Thank you very much for the brief, but enjoyable, audio tour. It gave me a quick taste of what I missed. (There are always some crazy characters out on the street waiting for the Parade. Usually quite drunk. Makes for a good podcast!)

    Best wishes for you in NYC, or wherever you end up. Hope you keep ‘casting.


  4. Interesting blog you have here. Do you know if it would be possible to be updated of your future blog posts?

    Many thanks.

    Phil & Irene

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