Finally! Soundseeing of the gay pride parade here in Houston. I walked around with my good friend Carolyn Johnson, ran into an old friend, and just roamed my first gay pride parade in years since I dropped the “self-loathing homosexual” routine. Also, new music from Lanky and Bronski Beat’s classic gay anthem, Smalltown Boy (iTunes link).

4 Responses

  1. Wow that was quite an audio-trip!
    I’ve never been to a pride parade, I loved this experience. Will you use the 2nd part of it? 😀

  2. This year I was a volunteer at the Pride Festival which preceeded the Pride Parade, so I didn’t get the chance to enjoy the Parade. Thank you very much for the brief, but enjoyable, audio tour. It gave me a quick taste of what I missed. (There are always some crazy characters out on the street waiting for the Parade. Usually quite drunk. Makes for a good podcast!)

    Best wishes for you in NYC, or wherever you end up. Hope you keep ‘casting.


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