This has been an extremely interesting week. The Dalcroze class is just amazing. There is so much compressed into this about musicality, rhythm, movement, history and how it all applies to musicianship. I think I reached my saturation point today right before lunch, one more day for me, but the entire class lasts for two more weeks. The teacher is one of those people that I just feel so gifted to be spending time and studying with. Tremendously moving experience. He is fairly brutal at times, but in such an encouraging way. A few people have abandoned the class already, and there was a huge drama yesterday where he kicked a woman out of class. She came back today.

I got accepted for a three month internship at Koinonia in Georgia. Officially I am going in February, but there may be a change in plans with the big news I have been talking about, in which case, I will try to start my internship in September. My friend Bren is the Executive Director there, and she and I have collaborated on a musical. Spending some time out there will give us a chance to do some more work on this show, as well as another play she would like to turn into a musical.

I went through a few days this week where I didn’t really understand anymore why I wanted to give up my job and Houston (read: familiarity/comfort) and all of that. It seems that I was really feeling the loss for the money I won’t be making and the things I won’t be able to buy and losing site of the adventure and experiences I am setting myself up to enjoy. Really now my point is to stop. Live with the fifteen bucks a week I will get at Koinonia and perhaps have a chance to reconnect with myself. What will it be like to not worry about rent? utilities? gas? car insurance?


I am having such a hard time documenting this shift that is happening with me. There is so much I am leaving out, but my thoughts are shifting drastically every day. Sept 1st I have no address. That is weird.

I need to find a way to write every day.