this is getting interesting

Well, it looks as though the “big news” has fallen through. For the time being, anyway. Interesting. Sadly, because the wheels are still turning, I can’t report what the big news was, because it still may be, but it doesn’t look as though I will be able to participate.

So strange to be sitting here in Brooklyn. One month remaining on my lease on my apartment in Houston, and nowhere to go, really until I begin my internship at Koinonia. HA-HA! Seriously. I am homeless starting September 1st.

There are possibilities though. I was offered a job Musical Directing the Christmas Show at Unity Theater in Brenham. I turned it down tho, so they may have found someone else, still waiting to see if they can use me for that. I also just wrote to my friend Cath at Blackwood Land Institute to see if she had something for me to do there or any ideas.


Strangely, no.

Today I feel exhilarated and excited about the vacancy in plans for the next few months. I also feel like I am letting go of so much that I was hiding behind and having to check back to my reliance on God/ the Universe… know. Whatever you want to call it that is taking care of everything anyway.

Of course, if any of you have ideas, suggestions, or an empty couch for a day or two, just let me know!

In other news, I am meeting with Chef Mark this afternoon for a tour of uptown Manhattan. I head back to Houston on Sunday.

Mikeypod Brooklyn, New York