MikeyPod 58 | Executive Director of Koinonia Farm Bren Dubay

It’s official… I am moving to Georgia in early September to be a community intern at Koinonia Farm. A number of people have asked me what was going on and what this place really is so I asked my friend, collaborator, former landlord and Executive Director of Koinonia Bren Dubay to join me on the show. We discuss the history of the community as well as what I can expect life to be like while I am there. I am really excited about this, and I am thrilled that you guys will be along for the ride!

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6 comments on “MikeyPod 58 | Executive Director of Koinonia Farm Bren Dubay

  1. Happy 12th sober birthday, Mikeypod!

  2. mikeypod says:


  3. Joe G. says:

    Happy sobriety, Mikeypod. And congratulations on the upcoming move. Do you plan to continue to do podcasting while there? I think that would be great if we could hear how you are doing with that.

  4. mikeypod says:

    thank you joe! I definately plan to podcast from Georgia.

  5. Rebecca Nay says:


    Wow this is big and quite unexpected (or I am THAT dense)… Does religous belief factor into this decision? Will you still have internet access to do your show? I was in LALA land the first 10 mins of the show so if these were answered I apologize. Questions…questions… questions…

  6. mikeypod says:

    rebecca- I would say that religion doesn’t play as much into the desire to go out there as a need for a more spiritually based life…does that sound snooty? From what i understand I will have access to the internet in the office after hours, so I will probably put shows together on my laptop and then upload them in the evenings or on weekends.

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