My car died yesterday. I mean died. Dead. The oil light came on and then a loud grinding GACK! No more. Oil leak? Bone dry. Tiffany and Seph came and got me, without me even asking them really, it is great to have friends like that.

“My car just died.”

“Where are you?”

And then they come.

I was tired of owning a car, and now that I realize that it really won’t be worth it to get the car fixed before I sell it, it’s time to let go. Or is that time to be let go of.

Last night I reached for my keys and they were lighter. The car key is gone now. Keys equal responsibility, you know? Jeanie and I had a long conversation about keys the last time we met for breakfast. I was dreaming about getting rid of them. It is starting. It is all starting.

Now I have four. One to my apartment and three for the various music studios I will be teaching in for the rest of the month before I go to Georgia.