Month: October 2006

MikeyPod 70 | Forgiveness

Something a little different for this show. I talked about forgiveness, and recruited some friends to share their thoughts too. Jo from here at Koinonia, LiveJournal superstar Jameth, Brad, Muggs, and Laurence Simon join in for the fun. Also, peep my new artwork by John Ong.

Pics are up


originally uploaded by MikeyPics.

I uploaded a few pics from my last podcast at flickrland.  Does anyone have a digital camera around that they are not using and would like to send my way?  Seriously, I would love to take some nice pictures of this place for you guys to see, and fifteen bucks a week does not a new camera buy.

MikeyPod 69 | The Peace Trail of No Return

I take a walk on the peace trail and talk about where I might go from here, the effect that working for a community rather than a paycheck has had on me, my perception of God and the disgusting things my roommate leaves in the fridge.

MikeyPod 68 | Ellie Castle Tells The Story Of Koinonia Farm

Community member Ellie Castle tells the story of how Clarence Jordan started Koinonia Farm.

Please excuse the crazy static in the first few minutes, it goes away, I promise.